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Mela & Kera is a company founded upon a commitment to healthy hair and a healthy planet. To us, sustainability is more than a consideration, it’s our moral obligation and the thread that runs through every facet of our business. From our 100% vegan formulations to our shipping and packaging, we are determined to help end climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the board.

Sustainable Packaging

All Mela & Kera packaging is either recyclable and/or made from 30% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics. Bottles that contain PCR represent a tremendous advance for sustainability, keeping non-degradable plastics out of landfills and giving them new purpose.

Carbon Offsets

Helping pave the way for net-zero global emissions is a central component of the Mela & Kera sustainability mission. To further that end, we have purchased carbon offsets to compensate for our production and shipping activity. This investment directly funds projects that reduce greenhouse gases, helping us meet our goal of carbon neutrality.

Mela & Kera stands with those who believe that the future of the planet is all of our responsibility and we are taking action to do our part.